Ways to Glamour Photography

images-1Many photographers do not find much difference between glamour and fashion photography. True they are similar in certain aspects, but glamour photography is more about photographing a female model with little or no clothing, while Fashion photography is all about the clothing! Glamour photography is not intended for endorsement purposes. During World War II, glamour photos were called pin-ups, and consisted of scantily clad movie stars. These were extremely popular among American soldiers.

It’s believed the most important change came with the introduction of Playboy Magazine! This was the first magazine to focus on nude models and its target was the mainstream male consumer. Hugh Hefner published the first issue of Playboy in December 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Nude photos of Marilyn (the reason I started in photography), were also printed on the inside, which enhanced her image as a sex symbol and helped to subdue the public protest. In recent years popular men’s magazines have started a trend by focusing more on the “glamour” and less on nudity. Some of these magazines include Maxim, Stuff Online, and the UK’s FHM.

Photographing female models has evolved

How to Become a Good Wedding Photographer

download-5As cliched as it might sound, the wedding day is the most beautiful and memorable day for the bridal couple. Everything needs to be in perfect precision – the rings, the bouquets, catering, decoration, and … the wedding album. Yes, without a doubt, the wedding album is one of the most important entities, because years later, these photographs will catapult the couple to a trip down memory lane. Which explains why the job of a wedding photographer is very important. He has to freeze the lovely memories in print so the couple can reminiscence about their happier times much later. It is however, not so easy to become a wedding photographer, you need an aesthetic approach and a natural sense of creativity, combined with a genuine dedication to make people’s lives happier. Not to forget, determination and hard work to make a success of your assignment. To help you in this regard, the paragraphs below enlist some of the things a wedding photographer needs to know.

Job Profile

  • The job of a wedding photographer is of course, to take photographs of the wedding day.
  • They mostly work

Underwater Photography Tips for You

newhouse-mpd-underwater-workshop-by-david-doubilet-9Underwater photography is about unveiling a world that exists beneath the deep seas. To master this art, one would need to be an excellent swimmer and know the latest deep-sea diving techniques. It requires the use of special photography equipment and also an eye for detail. It offers numerous challenges and provides a whole new world of opportunities to the photographer. Apart from being highly skilled in swimming, an underwater photographer must also be mentally prepared to face all the challenges he/she faces in the deep waters. Unavoidable natural circumstances may occur wherein the photographer may have to rely on his instinct and attitude to squirm out of a tricky situation.

For this kind of photography, one must always remember that the medium the light travels through is not air, but water. The main thing to watch out for by an underwater photographer is to maintain the balance of color and contrast. The subjects available can vary from the marine life to coral reefs, underwater caves, and shipwrecks. Every plunge in the roaring waves will reveal new subjects and landscapes

Find Best Wedding Photographer

The importance of a professional wedding photographer in a nuptial is immense. While short listing the services that you will need in your wedding, consider hiring a reputable photographer. Usually, people put more focus on decoration or catering services, while there is an immense role of a wedding photographer Melbourne. However, hiring such service needs plenty of research and basic ground works. Let’s give you some idea how to hire the best photography company for your special wedding.

Focus on experience or knowledge of photography

It’s not necessary that photographer with huge experience in other genre of photography can do justice with wedding photography. During the selection of wedding photographer Melbourne, you should ensure that he/she has good amount of knowledge and experience in wedding photography. The professional should be specialized in wedding photography and has a skilled assistant in his/her team.

Search by the ratings and customer’s review

The Internet is a great tool to get details of professional services in your city. The online rating and reviews are great source to gain idea about the photography services.

Special style of photography

Ask the wedding photographer Melbourne whether he/she has a special style of capturing moments of the wedding. In order to get

Sports Photography Tips for You

Whether it’s a football, rugby, cricket, tennis or any other sports, capturing the action of any sports event could be a tremendous feeling for all concerned. However, have you ever pondered what you need to do to capture sports images that you see in the magazines and newspapers?

Here are top tips about sports photography for beginners by Sam Crawford. Hopefully Sam Photography Sydney can help you to improve sports photos exceptionally!

1. Get A Minimum Of 200mm Lens Or Zoom Range

A distance larger than 200mm is clearly plenty enough because it can permit you to reach near the action and while not having the ability to focus, you won’t be ready to separate any of your subjects. Use common beginner lenses to achieve better results.


2. Avoid Using Full Automatic Mode

This is a standard mistake done by beginner photographers. Sometimes, they’re going to set their camera in automatic mode or a pre-mode labelled ‘sports’ or ‘action’. Whereas it may look fine on some situations, to actually reach the next level you would like to use a semi-manual mode.

3. Aperture Priority

Techniques for Enhance Your Photography Skills

To learn photography you need to take out time for it. Anybody can take casual photos. However, if you want to take quality shots, good digital photography technique is required. Following are few techniques that you can learn to enhance your photography skills.

Rule of Thirds

Don’t focus your subject for every shot. It makes the picture so uninteresting and uncreative. By means of the rule of thirds, you can create more visual interest. You can divide your photograph into a tic-tac-toe grid and place the subject at grid intersections.

Use the Sun to Light Your Pictures

Are you familiar with the fact that natural sunlight is one of the finest lights for great shots with fine details as well as fabulous colors? But you need to take note that extreme sunlight is able to cast harsh shadows. Try not to take pictures when the sun is straight above your head, as well.

Get Rid of Red Eyes

Red eye is the cause of the flash reflecting off the retina of your subject’s eyes. To decrease red eye effects, try to take pictures in outdoor or in an area with

First Class Photography Service

Portrait photography is completely differs from the marriage photography or regular photography. The simplest artist, through portrait photos is going to be able to efficiently capture something special or unique in a very person. A portrait can indicate the character and temperament of the one being photographed. The simplest and skilled Portrait photography will be undoubtedly remember about the actual fact that they need the optimum camera changes, correct lighting and piece of writing to create realistic and best portraits of individuals. When the clients are looking for superb portrait photos, then you may need to get the help of best portrait artist in your space.

Go Through The Image Gallery

Once you have got shortlisted a pair of or three photography services providing superb portraits you want to need to go watchfully through their gallery to visualize out the standard of portraits captured by them. Verify whether or not the chosen portrait photography Cheltenham is ready to meet all of your wants. Conclude however the artist has utilized the setting and light within the portraits, square measure they engaging within the terribly 1st look and plenty additional. By having a

Finding Photography Service Online

Aerial photographs are taken from a high point, which is directly above the center of the place being captured. This type of picture allows people to see how a place looks like when they are looking down on it. Since the axis of the cam needs to be vertical with respect to the outer surface of the Earth in direct aerial pictures, they are usually taken using a cam installed on the bottom of an airplane. Aerial pictures are usually taken from airplane traveling up to six kilometers above the Planet’s surface area.

Most of the people demand for balloon aerial photography to see the entire scope of a property, or to show the key benefits of the location and show access tracks and nearby developments. Aerial photographs make perfect legal records, preparing resources, demonstration, marketing or ads. And, of course, they are a wonderful way to display your residence. These services are requested for advertising, brochures, marketing, websites, construction progress, business presentations, decor for home or business, site planning and development and environmental impact studies.

Aerial photographs have an advantage over ground level photographs. An aerial view allows the whole of a place to be noticed, rather than

Ways to Cleaning Digital SLR Camera

Owning an SLR camera gives you the opportunity and the tool to click some stunning photographs, but you also need to maintain your camera properly and clean it from time to time so that the quality of the images that you click does not suffer. People who use their cameras outdoors a lot will soon find that their picture quality is dropping, and this happens because of dust, grime and other particles that get attached to the sensor of the camera itself. Cleaning your SLR camera is something that you should undertake at least once a month, and if you are an outdoors person, then the frequency of this process should be even greater.

How to Clean Your Digital SLR Camera

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex, and this is a technology that manipulates the light around the subject so as to give a crisper and clearer image from the camera. Without going into the technicalities of the way this technology functions, it should suffice to say that cleaning the body and the lens of the camera is imperative to continue getting high quality images from the SLR camera that you own. When it comes to maintaining SLR cameras, it

Perfect Portrait Photography Tips

How to pose for a portrait photo? A photographer always expects the person to know the basic skills of posing before a session. Photos also reflect the person’s personality. The right pose can make your appearance and attitude look versatile thereby enhancing your overall personality. Let us have a look at some of the basic tips which will help you in this.

Tips for a Great Pose

  • Choosing the right kind of background is a very important factor. Choose a background that will complement the photo and the subject. Choosing the wrong background will divert attention from the subject. Try to go for a pleasant and neutral background. The studio will give you a variety of options to choose from.
  • Pick up some of your previous photos and compare them for differences. You will notice that some have turned out to be good while the others are not up to the mark. Try to figure out the reason behind it so that you do not repeat the mistakes again. It maybe the hairstyle, the background, or even the way you have tilted your head.
  • You have to be a little careful if you pose while sitting. There is no point

Finding Best Photographer for Your Company’s Fashion Editorial Shoot

Choose perfect photographers that can provide exactly what you need. If the products you are marketing and selling are mostly fashion-centric, you would need suitable photos to print and share publicly, ensuring proper exposure when released in the market. For perfect shots, hire professional fashion photographers. Amateur photography may result in unattractive product shots. A good photographer has experience in using lighting, composition and lens configurations to create pictures that truly promote products, making them desirable to the market targeted.

Search for suitable photographers in your location online. You can search for a local fashion photographer or search for a worldwide fashion photographer that you can ship your items to. You may be interested in websites of grouped photographers in the area or websites of particular, individual photographers. Select and contact photographers that fit your photo shoot requirements perfectly. Look carefully at their work and contact them if you want to see more of their work as many high demand photographers like myself are not always posting everything they do.

Some photo shoot scenarios are provided below for reference and inspiration:

Photo Shoot Outdoors

Some photo shoots are best done outdoors. Location

Tips on Finding a Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are something that you’re going to treasure for the rest of your life, so it stands to reason that you should want the best wedding photographer you can get. But how do you know who to go to when it seems like on every corner there’s a wedding photographer? In particular,being such an enormous city and a hub of businesses, is difficult to navigate due to the sheer mass of photography businesses. So, what’s a newly engaged couple to do? Here are a few tips to help you make your decision and come out of your photographer search with satisfying results.

First, you should always take a look at the photographer’s past work. Check out the photographer’s portfolio on their website, and see how versatile they can be. Do the couples in the photos look natural and happy, or are the photos awkward and forced-looking? Speaking of the couples in the photographer’s portfolio, another way to see if a wedding photographer is as good as they seem is to check in with their past clients. Have the couples they’ve photographed before been satisfied? Were there any problems? You can definitely ask a photography company

Easy Photo Editing Tips

Photography has changed immensely over the years. Right from the equipment used to the techniques resorted to… there is a change, and how! Then again, there are something that just never change. Either you know how to click a good picture, or you don’t. Luckily for us these days, there’s technology to save all that we do. Doesn’t matter if there’s even a smidgen of a fault, a few easy tips for photo editing can save it all. What’s more is, in a majority of cases, most people are well aware of the variety of photo editing software that are available for their use these days. Using this software along with some simple photo editing techniques can work wonders for the look of any picture. How about taking a look at a handful of these easy photo editing tips. now.

Simple Tips for Photo Editing

If you take a look at it on a more skilled or professional level, the nuances of photo editing are plenty. But if it’s just about some of the simplest rules that you could adhere to, there’s just a handful of things that you need to bear in mind. Here they are…

Choose a Good Photo

Best Photo Editing Software

Today photo editing is no longer something that is restricted to professionals and advanced users alone. The popularity of the ‘display pic’ and ‘cover photo’ has seen even thirteen-year olds become great photo editors. If you too want to join the ranks of these budding artists, or simply want to have fun adding cool effects to your images, then the list of free image editing software given below should be of great help to you.

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation program is a popular open-source image editor, often dubbed as the ‘free Photoshop’. It helps the user with image authoring, retouching, and composition. It works on various operating systems, and is available in many languages as well. It is uses plug-ins and extensions to enhance images, and the advanced scripting interface allows for even the most complex procedures to be scripted without much of a fuss.

Windows Live Photo Gallery
The latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery comes with face recognition and geo-tagging tools. It has some great tools for retouching images, and is extremely easy to use. Along with the basic tools, the software now has advanced editing tools. Its wonderful features, easy navigation, and the fact

How to Winning Photography Contests

The best part of competing in a photography contest is not only winning a prize, but getting a great platform to display your creativity. You have to prove how good you are with your work, before you can get some recognition and become a professional.

A winning entry in a photography contest is usually selected by a panel of judges based on various criteria. One of major criteria that a judge will look for in your photograph is the visual impact that it can make. The image should be such that it should demand attention. A fresh and imaginative approach to the image is as important as the style. In a contest, the judges will also evaluate the technical competence with which the photograph was taken, some of the areas of technical expertise being correct exposure, composition, contrast, and clarity. Lastly, to enhance the chances of you winning, ensure that the photographs you submit are printed in the highest quality.

Some of the categories that are generally available in free photography contests are as follows:

  • Animals
  • Black and White
  • Creative, Artistic or Digital Art
  • Macro, Abstract or Still Life
  • Nature, Landscape or Seascape

Best Digital Cameras for Your Child

Whenever you are buying a digital camera for your son or daughter, try to find one that is user friendly. If you have a 5 year old who is asking for a camera, you should not be surprised as children are learning about technology from a tender age nowadays. The following will provide some tips that will help you to find the right digital cameras for kids.

If you are shopping for a small child, you can find good quality digital cameras from toy companies like Fisher Price and Disney. These are real cameras designed to appeal to kid’s tastes with large buttons, bright colors and easy-to-use features. Given that kids are generally around toys, the cameras are built sturdy to withstand anything. If you are searching for a camera for a young child, you can opt for the toy models because these toy companies will have the necessary experience to make kids friendly products that they can also enjoy.

Another thing to consider would be the type of batteries that the camera uses and also how long they can last. When you have to replace non-reusable batteries this can be very expensive and this is

Buying Cheap Quality Cameras

Each one of us wants to capture memorable moments of our lives. We wanted to document the very first kiss, the very first hug, the very first family reunion, and our most treasured moments. What’s the key to doing all of these? What else, but a camera. It should be a digital camera since manual cameras are no longer being used. Well, due to advances in technology, we have a lot to choose from. But, we have to be careful in choosing a quality one but a reasonable price. Here are the points to remember when shopping for the best but among digital cameras.

Identify the need for a digital camera. Is it only for family, friends, outdoor activities, or all-purpose camera? Assess yourself about your capability in handling a digital camera. How far will you go? What are your weaknesses toward it? Is it a big deal if the memory is not that big and the size is not that small? Make sure that the camera you wanted will conform to your budget. Go to the nearest thrift shop and check their latest model of a digital camera. They might have the model of your choice

Tips on Buying Digital Camera

Gone are the days when one would wait after a photo shoot for the rolls to be cleaned. With a digital camera evolution one can shoot pictures, delete the ones you don’t like, save up the entire set of pictures and e-mail them to all your friends at one go.

To buy digital camera can be quite a harrowing task for many. The terms like mega pixel, optical zoom or SLR might seem familiar as seen on advertisements. However, very few have a clear understanding of what these terms really mean.

There are two basic types of digital camera namely the point and shoot type and DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). The point and shoot type of camera can be used by anyone however, the SLR type is mostly handled by professionals. The DSLR type has much larger sensors than the any normal camera and gives high performance under any type of light. This makes the SLR more expensive than a normal digital camera.

Nowadays, digital cameras are getting tinier by size thus more compact to carry and sleek by looks. With lenses that are retractable and long focal length

Ways to Focus A Camera in the Dark

Shooting in the dark, without knowing where exactly to focus, can be quite a task. Shooting aimlessly would be the possible solution, but you might end up with a few dozen goofed-up pictures, especially when it involves taking portraits. Using the auto focus mode is literally of no use in the dark, for there is no light that will guide you towards your object. The best solution here, is to use the manual mode to lock your focus into the frame and then shoot.

Low light photography, and night photography for that matter, is all about trusting your instincts to get the best out of the little illumination available. The only way you can ensure a quality picture, is by keeping the shutter open for as long as possible. Remember, night photography or low light photography is about depth and dimension. It would be beneficial to avoid using the flash constantly, and ruin the photograph.

Turn Off Auto Focus

First things, first: turn off your camera’s auto focus feature. Use the manual mode to focus on your subject. The main reason to do this is because firstly, there is hardly any light for your lens to find what you

Starting a Photography Business

Many people with an eye for beauty, judgment of light, and ability to capture the moment undertake photography business. Those who have made a name for themselves in this field are earning extremely well today. This is because there are three things which matter the most for the success of this business: right composition of elements in the photograph, right opportunity, and right networking.
Undertake Professional Courses
Even if people say you are a ‘pro’ at photography, it is highly advisable that you undertake professional courses to hone your talent. Getting a certification in photography or attending courses will give your work a professional perspective. Needless to say, your work will be taken more seriously on competitive platforms. It will also teach you to work with many photography software, the knowledge of which has become indispensable today.
Is there a photographer whose work you look up to or appreciate? You may be in awe of how he has carved a niche for himself in the field of photography. You may even be a pure admirer of his art. Meet that person and speak to him about your aspirations. Request him to teach you ‘tricks of